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Ozark Chicken Baker


"Ozark Easy Chicken Baker - Demo" (7 minutes)

 Sarah demonstrates how to use and enjoy Van Hollow Pottery's popular chicken baker

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Van Hollow Pottery

Ozark Easy Chicken Baker


             Fill the inner cup of Ozark Easy Chicken Baker 2/3 full  with your favorite beverage (beer, wine, juice, etc.) & your favorite herbs (Italian, Greek, Mexican, etc. ).  Rub more herbs liberally on the inside and outside of chicken. Ring chicken with uncooked vegetables (or fruit) such as onions, potatoes, pears, celery, carrots, etc.


            Place a 4 1/2 - 6 lb. chicken (or turkey breast) with cavity side down over inner cup so that it’s sitting upright.  Plug the neck hole with a foil plug or lemon.    Place in a cold oven and slide a cookie sheet under pottery.  Heat to 500° F. - bake for 30 minutes more then turn oven down to 375º F.  Bake for approximately another hour  [check with meat  thermometer for doneness]. The steam of the liquid will keep the chicken moist as it cooks from the inside.


            Place spinach or other fresh greens in very large shallow bowl - large enough to easily hold the chicken.  Lift chicken out baker and place on greens.  Pour vegetables (fruit) and juice over chicken and onto the greens.


Enjoy! Easy clean up - dishwasher safe


Easy care of your pottery:

       Oven:  put in cold oven; slide a cookie sheet under pottery

       Stove:  never put on burner ;  No toxic materials used; Dishwasher & microwave safe;

Do not freeze pottery;




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