Van Hollow Pottery

functional art pottery

   Rogers, Arkansas


Pottery Details

           "It's all in the details." - Jim Young



              "Glazes are another world of enhancement to the forms."

                                                                                                - Jim Young


                 Embellishments such as special handles and sculpted elements are the "extras"

that enhance pleasing forms.


                  Our smallest items such as the Bistro Cup have as many as 5 or 6 carefully airbrushed layers of glaze that melt to produce subtle natural effects.  For a more detailed description of this item, please view our Bistro Cup video


                  Larger forms such as architectural pieces are canvasses that invite sculptural and glaze combinations which have great art value as well as functional use.  For a more detailed description of the creation of these forms, take a look at our Extreme Forms video:


                  Enjoy browsing the details and forms in the images below.  They form a retrospective of decades of pottery making.  For even more details, view the Pottery Details video:

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